It’s #ESNmonday time! Let’s kick off our ESN Stammtisch, shall we?
Every other Monday we gather in Segabar to have our ESN Innsbruck Stammtisch - it is a regular meet-up for all our international exchange students and friends. Let’s get together, raise a glass, and celebrate the beginning of the second week of your exchange!
But of course, every Stammtisch needs its theme. So this time, ESN Monday will feature TRAFFIC LIGHT WRISTBANDS that will display your relationship status. For science reasons, of course.
RED = taken
YELLOW = you can try ;)
GREEN = single and ready to mingle
And of course, there will be a drink special for everyone who owns an ESNcard!
**** ESNcard DEAL ****
Aperol Spritz for € 2,40
09/10/2017 - 21:00
  • Everyone is invited.