How to find out what is going on?

  • The most convenient way is to have a look at posters hung up in the city centre.
  • You can also consult the Innsider, a small booklet that is published every month and that contains many events, from parties to sports. You can read it online or find the printed version (free of charge) in a lot of stores in the city, e.g. bakeries. It also has an online event calendar. 
  • The 6020 Stadtmagazin is also published every months and you can find a lot of articles about what's going on in Innsbruck right now, about the people and current topics. It's a free magazine which you can find either online or at several different spots in Innsbruck (in the uni, in bars, supermarkets etc.).
  • Besides you can check online event calendars like this one, this one or this one.
  • Another possibility is checking the websites of the theatres or bars you want to go to.
  • From time to time you should check the website of the Nordkette. They often host nice events up in the mountains like a Dirndl-party or clubbings, etc. In winter, a giant igloo is built next to the restaurant at the Seegrube and there is a DJ inside. You won’t believe how hot it can become inside an igloo when 200 people are partying hard :-)
  • All events organized by ESN Innsbruck are published on our website and on facebook.


If you have your picture taken in a bar by a stranger, it was probably one of the party photographers of Sperrstunde or Devcon5. Normally they give you a business card with the website on it, but in case you lost it, just click on teir names here ;)

Austria is famous for hosting impressive balls. Although not every ball is of course as dignified as the Vienna Opera Ball, people always dress nicely and have a great evening. You definitely shouldn’t miss the Ball of the Universities of Innsbruck. If you’re interested in traditional music and you own some traditional dresses or leather trousers, you could also attend the Bauernbundball (ball of the farmers’ association).


Almost all popular bars are in the city centre, so you will find them more or less by yourself. Nevertheless we hereafter name some of them and give you a short description. You will find even more bars on the website of the city of Innsbruck.

Please keep in mind that you get a discount with your ESNcard in several bars in the city centre.

Here is our list (in alphabetical order):

  • Abyss-Bar (for Metal-Fans) - The black-dressed people in front of the house give you the hint that in this place there is a bar. You'll find it in the ground floor of a normal family-house - we guess (and we hope) that the owner lives in the first floor, otherwise those people would never sleep. Once you open the door, you hear loud metal-music - step inside and plunge into the sea of black figures. :)
  • Dachsbau – this new club belongs to the Café Moustache. Concerts or live DJs starting late at night (doors open at 23h00). It has quickly become really popular, one of the few clubs where you sometimes have to queue to be granted access.
  • Block 7 – a new American-style bar in the East of Innsbruck. You will be impressed by the interior! They also have delicious burgers and French fries.
  • Bögen - The so-called Bögen (archs) are characteristic of Innsbruck’s scene: a number of bars located along the viaduct. Here you find one hotspot after the other, but you will soon realize that locals only go to the Bögen when all other pubs are already closed. So, don’t go there before midnight or 2 am, you will be on your own :-)
  • Café 360° - Go to the Rathausgalerien and take the elevator to floor 7. There you will find the beautiful Café 360° from where you can enjoy the great view over Innsbruck - either from the inside through the glass-walls or from the outside, where you get pillows to chill out on the benches. You can also go there just to have a look on the landscape without buying anything. It is nice to show to your visitors or new found friends or loves, especially in the evening it is romantic. :)
  • Café Central - Experience a piece of Vienna in Innsbruck - including 4,5 meter high cellings, free newspapers at your disposal, the best coffee in town and of course the worst service and most unfriendly staff ever - it's Vienna, baby!
  • Café Sacher - The high end version of a Viennese "Kaffeehaus" - basicly the same as the Café Central, but with more tourists and better service. Try a famous "Sacher-Torte", just ignore its price!
  • Cafe Toscana - Friendly staff, good food. A nice artistic atmosphere, early 20th century style with hundreds of movie and music posters on its walls - how many do you recognize?
  • Cocktailbar Sillgasse - Take a cocktail from Innsbruck's world-master in mixing cocktails! Nice place, from the outside rather unimpressive but the drinks are fantastic! New self-invented creations that change all the time make this place worth visiting more often than once in a while :)
  • Copa Cabana - Flamenco Live every Thursday, Karaoke on Wednesdays
  • CU – Great cocktails
  • Die Wilderin – a jazz bar right in the heart of Innsbruck, live jam sessions every Tuesday
  • Dinzler – right on the SOWI campus. Reward yourself with a beer after studying ;)
  • Elferhaus - You've never seen such a variety of beers sold in one single pub! Go there and order Lapin Kulta from Lapland! :)
  • Hofgarten – during a day a normal café and restaurant in the middle of the park, at night one of the hot spots of Innsbruck. Every Tuesday: 6er-Garantie = 6 Beers for 10 Euros. This offer attracts many people, so you can guess how crowded it is there on that day.
  • Gössers – they have great food and a nice atmosphere. Don’t miss the Cocktail specials on Monday nights (€ 5,50)
  • Innkeller - close to the Metropol-Kino, very popular on Mondays
  • Irish Pub "Limericks Bills" (Maria-Theresien-Straße) - A real Irish Pub with good atmosphere and good music.
  • Irish Pub "The Galway Bay" (Sowi) - With the authentic furniture of a real Irish-Pub it makes you feel like if you were in Ireland. Richard, the owner of the pub and a real Irish man, plays great music and shows soccer and snooker games on the numerous TVs in the pub. They host a popular pub quiz on Monday nights.
  • Jimmys - a really nice atmosphere, many relaxed guests. Go there on Wednesday nights
  • John Montagu - Good sandwiches and a nice little club in the basement. 
  • Kater Noster - Next to Triumphpforte with good drinks a nice atmospehre and smoke free. Also check out their restaurant Machete in Anichstraße where you'll get the best burrito in town ;)
  • Krahvogel - Nice place to eat or to have a beer. You shouldn't miss trying a Smoothie and "Krahfritz".
  • Moustache - excellent music & cheap drinks ;-) If you want to go somewhere to relax a bit, we strongly recommend going there. Specials on Sunday: Brunch in the morning, pub quiz in the evening. Or for the legendary free ride night where they show amateure skiing videos once a month in winter, give away goodies and have prize draw.
  • PlanB - Dance music, mostly minimal, electro, hiphop, etc.
  • Plateau - Their own motto "Wir haben Angst im Dunkeln, darum gehen wir erst nach Hause wenn's hell wird" describes best that this pub is mostly the final destination of the evening when all other pubs are closed. Imagine the atmosphere: drunk, wasted people dancing, but still.. it's fun there!! :)
  • Prometheus (for hardrockers) :) - Has two floors: upstairs a nice and relaxed bar, downstairs there's the dancefloor (they demand a small entrance fee for that one).
  • Selles - right next to the main uni and smoke free!
  • SixtyTwenty (6020) - in the SoWi-Campus. They show a lot of soccer games and have coffee happy hours
  • Sphinx - A nice place to smoke a water-pipe together with your friends! The friendly staff will help you to chose between all the different flavours!
  • Tapas Bar - Eviva Espana! Here you can taste original tapas from different areas of Spain and talk Spanish to the waiters.
  • Theresienbräu - Nice, rustical atmosphere with self-brewed beer and good (Austrian) food. Daily happy hour. Every Monday students night with cheap beer, every Thursday cheap cocktails.
  • Treibhaus - A fantastic place! Café on the ground-floor and an event centre up in the tower and downstairs (concerts, theatre, comedians, etc.). Great place for the end of a month as you don't have to buy anything or can just get the "pizza for the poor".
  • Unicafé – opposite of the main university. You will meet many students all day and all night long.
  • Weli's - Situated in the Bögen, this is a nice bar with reasonable prices. What is special about this place? They have many many board games there!! So come, choose one of the games, pay a tiny rental fee (less than 50 ct) and play with your friends.
  • Zappa - Pub right next to the main university: good music, good beer, good atmosphere. Has got a football table, darts and air hockey - excellent place to chill out after a long day at university.