We are very glad to present our buddy network!

The buddy network matches one incoming student with one local student (called "buddy"). The buddies help the exchange students in their first days and with important questions about life and studying in Innsbruck.

All the incoming students are welcome to join the buddy network if they want to, but it is not compulsory to participate.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: How does the registration work? 

Signing up is only possible for the upcoming term (during the holidays just before) or the current term. This means you can start registering for the winter term from September 1st onwards and for the summer term from February 1st onwards. This means that e.g. you can’t register for the summer term in December, or that you need to wait until September to register for the winter term. Pairs are matched on the last day of every month, then we’ll notify you and your buddy. Please keep these dates in mind! If you are not sure about the registration process, please contact us. 


If you've got a Facebook account, sign up for Papaya, our new buddy system.

If you haven't got a Facebook account, use these links to sign up:

Do you have any questions?

Then please read our FAQs. If you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.