For finding a place to live in Innsbruck you have two possibilities:

1) Private accommodation
2) Room in a dormitory (Studentenheim)

(Note: Also check out the information given on the Management Center Innsbruck website and on the website of the University of Innsbruck (

1) You look for a private accommodation.

Finding a private accommodation in Innsbruck is rather difficult, especially in the winter term. Innsbruck is a very popular city for students, therefore apartments or rooms with a reasonable price are hard to find and hard-fought.

The easiest way is to share a flat with people who already live in Innsbruck (this is called Wohngemeinschaft or WG).

  • The best website for offers in Innsbruck is the "Wohnungsbörse" provided by the local students' union ÖH. But please note that EVERYONE CAN POST ON THIS WEBSITE, so there might be some cheaters. Check carefully before you transfer any money or sign a contract! Be aware to check exclusively the authenticity of the address, bank account, as well as the contact in case of problems. If you are not sure whether a specific case (advertisement) might be fake and need any help or advice, feel free to contact us!
  • Another websites where people advertise free rooms in their apartments is called or You can look for free rooms ("Angebote lesen") and post a request yourself ("Gesuch aufgeben"). Unlike the ÖH-Wohnungsbörse it is a German website, but nevertheless there are some apartments in Innsbruck advertised on these websites.


Furthermore, you can look for specialised groups on Facebook:


As most renters prefer to give their apartments or rooms to people staying longer than only one or two semesters, it is always a good idea to look for the word Zwischenmiete. This word means that somebody is leaving his apartment for a short period of time and is looking for somebody to live there in the meantime.

  • Usually we are not contacted by outgoing students who ask us for help in finding somebody to take their apartment in the meantime. They put their offers directly on the websites indicated above or contact the international relations office of the University of Innsbruck. Nevertheless, if we receive offers, we will post them on our website and on facebook.
  • Some students don't put their apartment offers online, but they hang up sheets of paper in the university (mainly in the SOWI building). So, even if you haven't found a room by the time you arrive in Innsbruck, there are still chances that you find a room like this.
  • There is also a house provided by a local family where you can rent completely furnished rooms for several months or one / two semester(s). Find more information on their website.

Renting "whole" apartments somewhere in Innsbruck is also an option for you, but please be aware of the fact that legally, lease contracts have to be concluded for at least three years. Furthermore, it is usually very difficult to find furnished apartments.


2)You apply for a room in a dormitory (Studentenheim)

There are a lot of dormitories in Innsbruck, but unfortunately even more students who want to rent a room (especially in the winter term)… So apply early enough! There are strict registration deadlines and the most popular student houses have waiting lists which last for over one year.

  • You can find a list of dormitories in Innsbruck on the website of the "Referat für Heime und Wohnen" (housing office of the Austrian students' union).  The ÖH team also wrote a detailed description of the dormitories in Innsbruck, the "Heimkompass". It can be found in the "Heime und Wohnen Downloads" section of the website. (available only in German). 
  • Most exchange students book a room in a student dormitory via the OeAD (find a list of the local dormitories here). Two other dormitories in Innsbruck are managed by another association.

You can find general information on dormitories and their application procedures on the website of the International Relations Office of the University of Innsbruck ( or on the website of the International Relations Office of the Management Center Innsbruck.

Hotels / Hostels

If you haven't found an apartment or a room in a dormitory by the time you arrive in Innsbruck, you find some information on hostels and hotels on our website.