Innsbruck - the capital of Tyrol!

Copyright © ESN Innsbruck ( Daniel D'Assisi )

Copyright © ESN Innsbruck ( Daniel D'Assisi ) 

With a population of about 120.000 inhabitants, Innsbruck is located in the “heart of the Alps”. The city is surrounded by high peaks – the “Nordkette” (part of the Karwendelgebirge) in the north and the mountains “Patscherkofel” and “Serles” in the south. The name Innsbruck is derived from the river Inn and the antique word “bruck” and means “the bridge over the river Inn”. The most important sight is the Golden Roof (“Goldenes Dachl”), the city’s landmark located in the Old Town (“Altstadt”).

Innsbruck is a university town!

About 25.000 students are enrolled in the University of Innsbruck, the Innsbruck Medical University and the Management Center Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is an ideal place to do all kinds of sports in winter as well as in summer: The numerous ski resorts being situated close to the capital attract locals as well as tourists. Also one can do alpine touring, cross-country-skiing, sledding and ice skating during winter time. In the summer Innsbruck and its surroundings are a paradise for hikers, climbers, mountain bikers and golfers.

There are several cultural events taking place throughout the year, such as “Tanzsommer”, “Festwochen der Alten Musik”, “Bergsilvester”, performances in the theaters “Landestheater”, “Kammerspiele” – just to name a few.

Due to the historical ambience of the city and the numerous sporting facilities Innsbruck is a center of attraction for tourists.

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Copyright © ESN Innsbruck ( Daniel D'Assisi )

?? Winter or summer term ??

If you have to choose between winter and summer term and you don't know which one you would like more, maybe this information can make your decision a bit easier. Both have their positive sides, depending on what you are looking for ...

But to be honest, living in Innsbruck is always great :)!

Winter term:

In October it is still quite warm, one can go for hikes, bbq outside, etc. Later the winter arrives and offers you the possibility to ski as much as you want. In Innsbruck and it's surrounding there are various ski-areas and many Erasmus students take the chance to go skiing a few times a week :). But also apart from skiing, winter is beautiful in Innsbruck. It is rarely foggy, but most of the time sunny and the snow reflects the sun from the mountain, that you need sunglasses when you are walking in the city :)

Summer term:

In the beginning of the summer term (March), there is still the possibility to go skiing. Then, about one month later, there is "spring-time". Flowers, sunshine, going for walks and lying around in the parks or eating ice cream, the streets of Innsbruck become more and more lively.. In May and June the temperatures can be quite hot already.. At that time the 'Baggersee' (lake) is waiting for you!

There's one big advantage when you choose to come to Innsbruck in the summer term: finding an accommodation is much, much easier because most exchange students arrive in the winter term. So, when you spend the summer term here, there are much bigger chances that you get a place in a dormitory or in a flat. If you're worried about skiing: most skiing resorts are open until after the Easter holidays and when you arrive in February, you have plenty of time to go skiing (some resorts are open until May 1st and some glaciers even all year round). And honestly, most skiing resorts only open in November or even December (depending on the snow conditions) and so you have approximately 2-3 months "skiing time" in the winter term (November - February) as well as in the summer term (February - April / May). 

Actually, it is always great in Innsbruck :)

Nature offers you many possibilities during the whole year (hiking, skiing, climbing or just going for walks). Also the cultural programme is not reduced on a special season. There are museums and cool bars, concerts and theatre during the whole year.

Innsbruck is a really lively city, there are lots of students, as well as exchange students from various countries, living here.

ESN offers you many events during the whole academic year..
The welcome week takes place in the beginning of both semesters, so it will be easy for you to get all the information you need and to get to know many people in a short time. During the semesters we organise various events, trips, parties, etc.

We assure you: you won't get bored! :)