Public transport in Innsbruck: IVB

The IVB (Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe) is taking care of the public transport in Innsbruck. Depending on where you live, their network is pretty good.

There are several categories for tickets.

  • If you really need the bus, you might consider buying a semester ticket (september - february or march - august). But attention: only students can buy it. If you're no student, you might consider buying a ticket for one month or even one year.
  • If you only use the bus from time to time, you could buy a ticket for 8 rides.
  • Single tickets or tickets for 24 hours are also available.
  • Single tickets can be bought in the bus (ask the driver - but attention: extra charge!), the other tickets are available at ticket machines or in the IVB service centre. Tickets are only valid in the "Kernzone Innsbruck", so when you go to e.g. Hall or Völs, you will have to pay more (see article about the VVT underneath this article).

The IVB also offers nightliners (i.e. busses all night long or women's night taxis), for some parts of the city even one nightliner an hour, every night of the week. Only a few of the nightliners have special prices, most of the lines can be used with a normal ticket (no extra charge).

The timetables for the busses and trams can be found on the website of the IVB. They also have their own smartphone app, the IVB Scout.

Public transport in the Tyrol: VVT

On the website of the VVT (Verkehrsverbund Tirol) you find a lot of information on the public transport in the Tyrol, not only about the trains, but also about busses. 

There are also several categories of tickets.

You can find the time schedule online and in their smartphone app VVT SmartRide.

Trains in Austria: ÖBB

Almost all trains in Austria are operated by the National Railway Company ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahn). The Westbahn operates trains between Vienna and Salzburg, but they don't go to Innsbruck.

You can find the time schedule of ÖBB trains online or in their smartphone app Scotty

If you are under the age of 26, we strongly recommend you to get an ÖBB VorteilsCard < 26. This is a discount card for € 19 which gives you 50% discount on any journey with the ÖBB within Austria (if you buy the ticket on the machine, 45% if you purchase it on the counter) and 25% for the distance from the Austrian border to your foreign location (only valid if you cross the Austrian border on your trip). The holders of a ÖBB VorteilsCard < 26 are also eligible to buy the Sommerticket with which you can use many Austrian trains for free during summer time.

If you're 26 or older, you can buy the VorteilsCard Classic, but it is more expensive and you will have to calculate if it's worth the money. Unfortunately people who are 26 or older can't buy the Sommerticket.

Even if you don't have a VorteilsCard, you can benefit from low prices: the ÖBB often has a limited amount of cheap tickets for certain destinations (check SparSchiene, both in Austria and for destinations in Europe).

Going around by bike

Depending on where you live, you might consider going by bike. There are many bike paths in Innsbruck and  you can easily get from one point of the city to the other. Actually it's the easiest way to get around in Innsbruck.

If you don't have a bike of your own and you prefer buying a used one, you can check the following options:

  • Check the website Fahrrad Innsbruck for a long list of bike stores in Innsbruck
  • Check facebook groups (see our list of links)
  • Flea markets (see our information about shopping)

If your bike needs to be repaired, go to one of the bike stores mentioned in the link above. If you want to repair your bike on your own, but you have no tools here in Innsbruck, check Die Bikerei.