Fellow 90s-kids!

Put away your Tamagotchi, grab your fancy old dancing shoes and get ready for our „ESN 90s party“! 

On Monday, the 23th of October, the Segabar is going to turn into a time machine, beaming our heads away to Backstreet-boys and Coolio times. 
Be prepared for a nostalgic trip through a decade, shaped by neon-lights and retro-sound. Let’s get footloose on the dancefloor and revive these good ole' times once again. Bring all of your bad taste including the baggy pants, crop tops and corn rows!

Make sure to bring your ESNcard:
A FREE SHOT for every ESNcard holder! (while supplies last!)

See you there, when we will all cry "I want it that way!" together.

23/10/2017 - 21:00