...and your semester in Innsbruck has only just begun! 

Well, we had a great start, didn’t we?
Almost exactly one month ago, we said hello to all of our international exchange students in Innsbruck - and man, oh man, the shenanigans we've gotten into since then! We sent you out to explore the town at our City Challenge, we danced the night away at our Welcome Party, got to know each other even better at our Buddy Network Kick-Off, and we cheered Wacker Innsbruck to an amazing victory. Since this wasn't enough, we crawled through Innsbruckian pubs and tried out our scariest looks on Halloween. We would like to thank all of you lovely people for having joined us during our October events - here's for more to come. 

By now, though, you might have settled into your new home away from home, gotten acquainted with our ways of life and used to your university schedule. But don't you worry - Innsbruck isn't the kind of town that will make you get into a daily grind. As the days grow shorter, streets will soon start glowing in Christmas lights. Whoever’s not taken by the romance of this scenario will have their hearts warmed by the most wonderful Christmas gift the sweet baby Jesus himself presented to us: Glühwein stalls! 

"But wait!," some of you might think, "isn't Knut going to go into hibernation during the winters?" Well, don't you worry about our little guy, never in the world would he sleep through alpine winters. Accordingly, he and his team at ESN Innsbruck already have plenty of things up their sleeves for the upcoming months: We will get some cultural education, be charitable, spend a legendary night at Sattelberg Alm, cook for each other, experience odd Austrian traditions and eventually sing our way into the well-deserved Christmas holidays. 
As you can see, there are many reasons for you to stay tuned. Until then, be vigilant - killer clowns are nothing against the Austrian Krampus. And he’ll soon be just around every corner!