To celebrate this year's edition of Erasmus Days and its 34th birthday, the Erasmus Student Network is thrilled to announce the release of "Erasmus: A Complete Guide" - a comprehensive resource designed to be the ultimate companion for every step of the study abroad journey.

For students and young learners across the globe, the Erasmus+ programme has long been synonymous with life-changing experiences and personal growth. However, planning an Erasmus exchange can be both exciting and overwhelming. "Erasmus: A Complete Guide" is here to demystify the process, turning aspirations into reality. This Guide is more than just a collection of information; it's a friend who walks with its reader through the entire journey

As an individual contemplates the idea of embarking on an exchange, the Guide begins by exploring the question: Why choose Erasmus? It elucidates the myriad benefits, from personal growth and intercultural understanding to skill development, that come with this opportunity. But the Guide does not stop at theory; it comes alive with testimonials from the Erasmus+ alums and ESN volunteers. Their stories provide a tangible glimpse into the adventures and challenges that await the person.

Moreover, the guidebook delves into the nitty-gritty aspects of an Erasmus+ exchange, offering guidance on the credit recognition, important documents, insurance, and more. This practical advice aims for better preparation for the administrative and logistical aspects of a student’s journey.

"Erasmus: A Complete Guide" is designed to be a friendly companion, a go-to resource whether contemplating the idea of an Erasmus+ exchange or already immersed in one. It offers a cohesive and comprehensive view of an entire mobility journey from start to finish. So, whether taking the first step or approaching the grand finale, this book's guidance is to make the most of an Erasmus+ adventure.

Celebrate this year's Erasmus Days with the launch of "Erasmus: A Complete Guide." It exemplifies the heart of Erasmus+ programme, a celebration of unity, diversity, and the transformative power of international education. Happy Erasmus Days!

For more information and to access the Guide, visit ESN International’s website.