Well, here we are - your last month, the final Innsbruck act, the sad ending of your semester slowly and steadily creeping towards you through the freshly fallen powder.
We are sure you are all looking back on magical holidays, be it with your families back home or with your exchange family here in our town. Many of you might have spent this uni-free time waiting for snow to fall, for the winter wonderland you were promised. That it has now arrived, right before we all need to go back to the harsh reality of student life, is a bitter case of irony. We do hope, though, that during your final phase of intense studying you will not only get to admire this wonderful scenery from behind your books and screens, but you can make some time to hit the slopes.
Your ESN-team is already preparing for our final events of the semester for you. Tears will flow, hugs will be given, reunion promises will be made. But until then, let us make the very most out of what promises to be a miraculous January.
Welcome back to Innsbruck, friends!