Erasmus -- the picture displays various facets (nature, science, etc.)

ESN Innsbruck participates in the Erasmus Days

ESN Innsbruck successfully participated in the #ERASMUSDAYS, a Europe-wide initiative to highlight the countless opportunities that Erasmus+ has created. 

We invited all buddy couples to join us for a night of socializing, chatting, and fun games and tasks at our Buddy Network Kick-off event.


We are glad so many #ErasmusDays events have been organised throughout Austria and even far beyond. Check out the Austrian events on and find many more on the website of the French national agency, which coordinated this project.


We are absolutely looking forward to next year's #ErasmusDays. smiley

If you would like to find out more on all the available Erasmus+ opportunities, check out the official Erasmus+ website or have a look at the website of your Erasmus+ national agency.

Image copyright: OeAD/Alexandra Reidinger



"Thank You Erasmus" video by Patrick Doodt Films

"It doesn´t matter where you go, what matters are the people that are with you in this journey. The strangers that become your family in a few months." ☺️

"Thank you for changing my life and showing me that something else is possible. Thank you, Erasmus+ !" ❤️