It feels like we just said a sad “Servus” to the ones leaving Innsbruck after the last term. Now, though, our loneliness is coming to an end: We say “Servus,” to everyone bound to have the times of their lives during the upcoming term!

First up, let us introduce ourselves. We are your local International Exchange & Erasmus Student Network, ESN for short. Born out of the idea to keep up the international momentum, a group of homecoming ERASMUS students one day joined hands and created ESN, an organization that now consists of over 15,000 volunteer members in countries all around Europe.

Here in Innsbruck we would like to ignite your passion for the community of international students by organizing all kinds of events, trips, parties and meet-ups for you. We will help you discover our little town, get in touch with locals and other international students and ultimately to have the best possible time during your exchange semester.

This semester is about to begin for you. While you might be spending your first few days sightseeing, all our faculties are working at full blast. After all, we won’t meet you empty handed.

Can’t wait to get to know you all,

Your ESN Innsbruck Team