ESN Innsbruck feat. Konfetti Love Chaos: 
One last time for old times’ sake! 

Your exams are coming to an end, and you’re starting to pack your bags sadly looking at our snowy mountains. Time will come for reflection, melancholy and post-exchange depression, but now is not that time! 
ESN Innsbruck and Campus Club invite you to part two of your farewell: One big final bash on
Friday, January 29th at Blue Chip!

From 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. our very own Erasmus DJ Jorge will start you off with all your favorite tunes of the semester, after which Blue Chip’s DJ is taking over.

Don’t overdo it with your pregame: Our first 100 guests will enjoy a free welcome shot to every beer, and until 23:30 p.m. you get two longdrinks for the price of one.

Dress for the occasion! We are doing one last fancy, chic party, so wear your best piece you brought to Austria and make a lasting impression by showing us your most daring moves in your most elegant style.

If you want to keep more from your friends than the mental image of their semi-rhythmic stumbling in fancy suits and dresses, bring pieces of clothing, flags or posters: We will provide you with markers so you can leave heart-felt messages to your international friends. Because nothing says “I was on exchange” like a swirly, sentimental note from “that-guy-you-met-once” at some party!

We are looking forward to this one final night with all of you :)!

29/01/2016 - 22:00
  • Everyone is invited.