Hey folks! Whats up, doc? 
To make your start into the final month of the semester ( :( ! ) a bit less unbearable, our movie night is up and ready to raise the curtains! 
Of course, we won’t bore you with your standard Hollywood flick, but we’ll be showing an original Austrian (and, admittedly, German, but who cares, right?!) film shot in our alpine region: “Das Finstere Tal” ("The Dark Valley" – the OV will be shown with English subtitles) combines elements of classical western with 19th century local color, and was nominated as the Austrian candidate for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars in 2014. Undoubtedly, you’re in for a good one!

When? Monday, 11.01.2016, 8 pm
Where? Die Bäckerei, Dreiheiligenstraße 21a, Innsbruck

PLEASE NOTE: Due to legal reasons we can only permit you to join this event with an ESNCard! So, if you have one already, do not forget to bring it along, if not, we will be selling them for €5 per person at the event.

Other than that, we will provide some snacks, and the wonderful folks at Die Bäckerei will be happy to sell you cheap beverages to keep you in good spirits. 
See you there!

(PS: To those who want to stick around longer and maybe enjoy their more standard flick, we might show another film right after this one ;) )

11/01/2016 - 20:00
  • An ESNcard of this section required.